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Why Would a White Man Ever Even “Look” at a Black Woman

     Recently the media had a field day with the ads and billboards posted by Georgia Right to Life and Radiance Foundation, anti-abortion groups in Georgia.  (Read the NY Times article here  The campaign aims at discouraging Black women, the population allegedly having abortions at a rate higher than any other ethnic or racial group, from using abortion as a method of birth control by classifying Black children as “endangered species”.   These groups took advantage of the “Negro project” started by Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, which aimed at killing as many Black children as possible to save humanity.  Georgia Right to Life states that Black women, particularly in New York, Texas, Maryland, Mississippi and Georgia, have more than 50% of the abortions despite the fact that they make up way less than these populations in these states.  They mention how most abortion clinics are located in the urban areas and that this is by design. 

    Well, this past week there were stories about the wealth, or worth, of Black women and the Herpes infection rate of Black women.  The articles on Black women’s wealth indicates that, compared to White women, Asian women and Latin, single Black women are worth the least, $100 on average, particularly for women aged 30-49.  And even though their wealth supposedly increases dramatically over time, particularly once they marry and once they reach their Golden years, their wealth still lags behind that of women of other racial groups.  Based on a recent study, well 2007 data, the Insight Center for Community and Economic Development (read here, Black women are more likely to have more debt, to not own major assets, to work in the service industry, are more likely to have been a victim of the subprime lending debacle and to rely more on Social Security benefits, which is thought to be the basis for the huge disparity in worth.

     The stories about the Herpes plague is even more disturbing.  According to the, Black women, allegedly, make up almost half (48%) of those infected with the Herpes virus, more than double that of Black men, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  The reasons are claimed to be the susceptibility of Blacks to the virus and the fact that Blacks are less likely to have it diagnosed, since the symptoms are not as overt.

     I hope at this point that we all see the pattern here.  I mean, there are a plethora of articles, stories, etc. about how Black women should broaden their horizons and date outside of their race. But then not even a few days later, a barrage of negative statistics are disseminated to make us appear undesirable and unattractive to ANY MAN, let alone a man of another race.  I, myself, believe that we should remain within the Black community anyhow, but think it’s interesting how they “build us up, only to break us down again”.  I mean I am already reading blog posts where White men are emphatic in stating that there is no way that they would date a Black woman given the paucity of her assets and the probability of her having Herpes.  They don’t take the time to explore the validity of these so-called studies, and why should they, they just believe what they read and relegate Black women to the “stay the Hell away from” class.  This is not a coincidence, White women do not want Black women even looking at “their” men and they are rather conspicuous in their efforts.  Well, they can have them because, if nothing else, I wouldn’t want to spend our most intimate moments trying to dispel any of this negative information.