About Us

The state of the Black family today is disappointing to say the least.  Many of us do not have to read any statistics or research data to know that for every four (4) Black woman we know, there are at least three (3) of them that are single, divorced, an unwed or divorced mother or in a destructive relationship.  At the same time, for every four (4) Black man we know there is are at least three (3) that’s unavailable, either in a relationship, incarcerated or homosexual and in community where the women outnumber the men, this proportion is gravely unbalanced.  However, no matter which category you fall in, this is a collective problem.  WE ALL SUFFER from the breakdown of the Black family.  Men as the backbone of the family and women as the glue that keeps it all together, we are interdependent on each other.  Here we are committed to reclaiming the Black family, customizing those traditional roles to fit societal demands, two parent households, rearing our children and relying on our faith, wisdom and endurance to the betterment of the entire family. 

Tracey A. Bloodsaw is a family law attorney, family mediator, educator, public speaker and spiritualist in the NY area.


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