It’s Time to Do Something!

I recently had dinner with a good friend of mine and the topic of Black people doing something about our current crisis, and yes it is a crisis, instead of and in lieu of constantly complaining about it came up.  We, well really me, went on this diatribe about how it is desperately needed, we heard enough already.  I read, hear and see Black folk constantly discussing what ails our community but they do nothing about it.  I mean read any blog, comments to articles, social network entries and they authors all do the same thing COMPLAIN incessantly!  Everyone has an opinion about how the Black race is falling behind educationally, has the highest unemployment/underemployment rate, is suffering tremendously from health related issues,  worth the least economically/financially and has recently changed the overall landscape of the “intact family”.   But that is all they do is opine, often times they get indignant, dogmatic, judgmental, etc. all in the name of just taking a position or merely being heard, but in the end it’s nothing that will actually affect change.

One particular situation gets my attention and exemplifies my point.  I was promoting Black Marriage Day (this past weekend) and have been reading other articles, blogs, etc. that were also celebrating and commending the theme of dedicating the fourth Sunday of every March to highlighting the Black marriage.  However, in the midst of my perusing other noteworthy news on the topic I was directed to an article written for a magazine, that actually criticized the day as being a day that “is a gloss-over of epic proportion” since it fails to talk about slavery and Black marriage, how it “disregards the economic impediment to Black marriage” and goes further on to state that it “ignores Black gay marriage”-all a bunch of nonsense.   The history of Black marriage is precisely what is imbedded in the national day of recognition.  There are seminars, workshops, etc. nationwide, that teach and enlighten married couples (and soon to be married couples) about what it takes to make marriage work, precisely because of the economic challenges (amongst the many others) Black couples face.  But this writer wanted to mimic what has been shoved down our throats for the past several decades, which does very little to move us past this point.  She failed to see the positive in Black Marriage Day, that it gives us a day where all of the propaganda associated with the unpopularity of Black marriages is put on the back burner, restoring our faith in the institution. Not to lambast her but I was incensed by the lack of pith in the article and it’s clear intent to spark some sort of controversy by the mere mention of these issues.

My point is this:  I challenge each of you to do something!  As the adage goes “if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem”!  If you have an opinion  about our problems, I say substantiate its impact by stating what you are doing about it.   We don’t need anyone else sitting along the sidelines, we need more of us getting in the trenches and actually doing something TODAY!



  1. Menelik Charles Said:


    can you not reply to my question over here:


    Menelik Charles
    London England

  2. WhiteDevil Said:

    Why do something?

    Just blame whitey like you do for everything else.

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